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Photography 2011 - 2012

DNM1989 Teaching Program offers a professional qualification in art photography. Successful achievement of two years will helps the students to take high studies or work such as practicing artist.

DNM1989 Teaching Program is designed to offer conscious understanding of traditional photography, modern philosophy and art photography after modernity. The goal is to develop each student ability to communicate visually. In addition to core paper qualification of two years, students will have areas of study in visual art communication, social photography, stage photography, photography as an object in installations art works, document of art projects.

Year one:
Students will have major areas of studies, traditional black and white laboratory, color laboratory, digital media, and studio visual art creative assignments of DNM1989 teaching program.

Studio one:
Studio one program introduces the principles of image communication language; addressing processes in picture making. Students start with visual art studio practical explorations in stage photography, and learn to analyze the relations between concept, context and methodology in the domain of visual communication.

Lectures aim to develop a broad awareness in art history and contemporary art photography related to each year creative assignments. Adaptation to critical concepts and contexts enable students to understand the importance of visual communication language. Through reflection on theory, history and philosophy aesthetics, students investigate conceptual and cultural aspects related to their own cultural and historical backgrounds.

Year two:
Students have two major areas of study. Students continue with their designated curriculum area of traditional photography, as well as in digital media. The visual theory builds on year one, covering a wide range of theoretical and practical issues related to student's own picture making and participating in international workshops.

Studio discussions:
Studio discussions aim to help students clarify and develop individual areas of interest in the concept of ideas in art making process. DNM1989 T.P. develop methods and skills suitable to each student own principles. A series of extensional lectures topics involving library research, gallery visits, and critical reviews, analysis of art works and critical discussions on studentĄ¯s works. Each student works with his own project for the final exhibition.

International workshops
Workshops opportunities to work in a new culture locations provide a new visual experience within photo social documentary, stage photography; The workshops expedition is of four to five weeks. Earlier journeys went to Morocco, Mexico, Cuba, Russia, South-Africa, Thailand, France, Germany, USA and China. The journeys plan is based on DNM1989 teaching program in cooperation's with local art institutes or art colleges. The workshops are planned according to the countries regulations and cultural background. Students do head research studies before traveling to the counties locations. OPAS in general try's to exhibit in the visited countries and cooperate with art colleges, academies on future international art education exchange. The school exhibited in many art college, the last project education project topic in 2009 ¨C The object in public space, art or not?- in Hainan University College of Fine Art involving fifty-nine Chinese students from all the art departments of the art college, the project exhibition shown in the university gallery this year Dec. 2010. The purpose of the workshops is to open up the students view in a new light and in a new cultural environment. Students gain awareness of their own capability.

StudentĄ¯s evaluation and competence.
The level of achievement and enthusiasm for learning of each student is continuously evaluated. Students meet frequently with instructors individually and in groups. To achieve approved learning each student must deliver at least 85% of the assignments and complete the evaluation as defined by DNM1989 teaching program. A record of attendance at scheduled class meetings is maintained. The second year students are required to submit own projects work for a final exhibition.

School year duration.
Autumn semester begins at the first week of September month and lasts until December 18th. Spring semester begins at the first week in January and ends June.

You should submit-application: Application and two passport photos send to the following address: Oslo Fotokunstskole. Waldemar Thranesgt. 84. 0175 Oslo. Norway

Portfolio (no larger than A4) containing five samples of your works reflecting your potential, you can send photos by mail include originals and photos of your original work. You should include photos of paintings and drawings as well.

Tuition fee:
Tuition fee for 2011/2012 per year is 30.000 Norwegian Crones 15.000 NC per term. Applicants living in Norway may be eligible for a student loan or allowance, pls. contact Statenslaanekassen -

For more information call our office: + 47 22374512

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