Oslo Photo Art School celebrate 20 - Years Jubilee in China, presenting studentĄŻs and teachers photo art works at Hainan University College of Fine Art Gallery and my paintings at DNM1989 Art Space. DNM1989 workshop ¨C The reason of pure critic in visual art communication ¨C by Emil Fedida at Guangzhou Academy. March 2011

The exhibition at H.U.C.O.F.A. Gallery shows works of OPAS early students and teachers photo art works, and fifty- nine Chinese students photo art works from DNM1989 workshop ¨C The object in public space, art or not?- directed by Emil F.

O. P. A. S. 20 - Years Jubilee in China

The object in public space, art or not?- Emil F.picture. At H.U.C.O.F.A. Gallery

Emil F. picture 2009 at DNM1989 Art Space 2010

Pictures coming soon.

"Give body to the future" OPAS - Youth Vision Magazine 2008
OPAS - PhotoChina
Magazine 2008
OPAS - NY Arts
Magazine 2003
OPAS. workshop under Lin Yilin in Guangzhou China 2006.
OPAS workshop under Lin Yilin in Oslo 2005