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Re-Creation and Comewhatmay at POST, Los Angeles

Habib Kheradyar

¡°Re-Creation¡± is a group exhibit of photography and video works. The exhibit is installed with a keen sense of site specificity in mind. A constellation consisting of thirty-eight photographs are strewn salon-style on one of the small gallery walls on the second floor at POST. One discovers the wall in the seemingly empty gallery only after turning around to leave. But then drawn in to examine each image gazing into their Norwegian settings. The downstairs spaces are treated with the same sensitivity. Allotted space for each photograph in the large space is varied to echo or emphasize their individuality while a small gallery is the projection room for three videos.
The theme of ¡°Re-Creation¡± as the exhibition statement suggests addresses: ¡°act of creating¡­/production of the human intelligence, especially one in which imagination has a significant part.¡± This project with its twenty-five participants started formation in September of 2002 with the intent to create a story, a character/s, performing, staging, documentation and representation. The resultant works address identity and gender issues as alter egos come to life. There are many noteworthy works, such as Kristine Aronsen, Jorgen Gomnaes, Sturla Nilssen, Marit Sorlie and Silje Urbye.
On the opening evening, Norwegian performance and video artist, Monica Emilie Herstad executed a version of her performance Comewhatmay. She combines a mix of dance techniques with video and throbbing trance sounds. This version of her performance made attempts to close the gap between two and three dimensions. Her movements influenced by classical ballet, modern and butoh become its own sample of order and chaos. Herstad moved with simultaneity to the projected images of herself performing, closing distance between cerebral and sensational. Her decision for costume is to iterate couture critiquing the desire and desired. Her choice to project onto the corrugated metal roll-up door paralleled the sensitivity and installation site specificity of ¡°Re-Creation¡± at POST.

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